Linda S. Stoler, M.A., CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist, educator, poet, songwriter and communication consultant. She has produced 4 Educational Music CDs with original songs, a DVD and Instructional Manuals. She is currently co-writing a new book with her associate and O2N team member, Gretchen Espenitti, Ph. D., to assist seniors with brain wellness.. For over 4 decades, Linda has applied, refined and enhanced her Multi-Modal Method with children and adults to stimulate brain changes, communication and interconnection in circles throughout North America. Linda began her journey with seniors while caring for her 90+ year-old parents. She successfully implemented her Multi-Modal Method at a number of assisted living facilities. This opportunity inspired her to develop her Onto the Next initiative for our aging population.

Will Stoler is an entrepreneur, architectural designer, builder and media producer. He brings decades of organizational acumen to Onto The Next’s ongoing missions. With his personal experience along with a deep rooted and road proven respect for our growing senior population, Will is the project manager and producer for Onto the Next.

Will and Linda Stoler, co-founders of O2N, have relocated from St. Augustine, Florida to Melrose, Florida. Melrose is a quaint rural community located 30 minutes east of Gainesville. It is surrounded by beautiful lakes, farms, wetlands, woods and wineries. There are five art galleries, a new senior center and a well established community library. Approx. 80 buildings are on the national historic landmark registry. Melrose is home to numerous fine artists, musicians, writers and healers as well as professionals who work at the University of Florida and a variety of businesses in Gainesville. There are also many retirees who contribute to the diverse spirit of the community. The Stolers have been urged by many in Melrose to facilitate workshops and seminars on "Flourishing Across the Life Span with Creativity" . They are in the process of scheduling these events for the coming year.

Gretchen Espinetti, Ph.D., has been in the field of multicultural education for over 30 years. She is a multicultural educator and researcher with interests in multicultural studies, cultural foundations, the Third Culture Kid (TCK) phenomenon, the brain and multilingualism, and most recently, neuroscience particularly cultural neuroscience. She is a multicultural educator with a focus on multilingualism and neuroscience research. Her passion for the Onto The Next movement has grown out of personal experiences with family members with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Currently, she is co-authoring a book with Linda S. Stoler on transforming the aging brain.

Peter Bruce Wilder is a media specialist and an award winning composer. His concern and interest in aging populations come from his close relationship and personal experience with his maternal Grandmother with Alzheimer's who lived at his family home. His history of involvement with Educational media stems from product development contracts with the Walt Disney Company, Microsoft and Mitsubishi Electronics, and a long standing body of work with Public Television Stations in the Northeast. He also is a technical sales and systems designer for Audio Visual Environments, LLC.

In Memory of Flo - Florence (Linda’s Mom) at 91 with dementia, coined the phrase “Onto the Next” shortly after her husband passed on. Her need to let go of possessions and set out on a new journey with music, joy, and love inspired this initiative. She passed away peacefully at age 95 (February 11, 2014)

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